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Through honesty, transparency, and relentless effort, Chris Flickinger’s Performance Mindset & Development Team guides organizations and businesses through the journey to inspire productivity, implement positive cultures and environments, and produce the desired change.

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Chris Flickinger

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Alex Neagoe

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What Our Clients are Saying

John Barker

Rob Waite

CFO & EVP American Roofing & Metal, Co.

You are the first consultant I have worked with who is worth MORE THAN every dollar paid.

John Barker

John Barker

Senior Vice President, KPost Roofing & Waterproofing

Working with Chris has had a very positive impact on KPost Company! He helps us get RESULTS! Not only with hitting quota and budget targets, but with team communication – REAL communication. He has creative solutions to tackle BIG issues. He shoots straight – no ‘corporate-speak’. We tackle the REAL core issues! Our employees respect him. Hire him – now! He will make a positive difference for your company!

Jesse Scalo Kenning, Culture & Recruiting Executive, Burns Scalo Roofing

Jesse Scalo Kenning

Culture & Recruiting Executive, Burns Scalo Roofing

Compared to other consultants that I’ve encountered, Chris brings so much energy, as soon as he walks into the room, I think the group knows this is going to be a sort of fun experience, which is really nice, because we take time out of our work day, we’re all actively getting behind. So it’s nice to enjoy the training and bring an element of fun to the experience. He brings high energy and he has a real awareness of corporate culture and he focuses on communicating uniquely with different people based on how they’d like to be effectively communicated with.

Zoe Rivet

Zoe Rivet

Marketing Operations Manager, Ten Four Social

Chris has been an enormous help in how we operate, communicate, and collaborate both within our team and with our clients. I’ve become a better manager and teammate because of the tools and tips Chris has provided me. The sessions he’s run with our team have positively changed the way I view written and verbal communication, strengthening my relationships with those I work with! He’s pushed our entire team to grow!

Steve Little

Steve Little

Head Coach, KPost Company • CEO, National Roofing Partners

Chris & his team have made a major impact on how we hire, manage and engage our employees. Their assistance with succession and transition planning has guided us in creating strong leadership teams. We now better understand the emotional intelligence, personality types and motivational traits of all our team members. We are a better company thanks to Chris Flickinger & his team of professionals.

Steve Little

Lola Soyebo-Harris

Managing Director, Marketing, Alpha Residential

Chris is a great coach, he’s able to go beyond the personality profile, and understand the person, the context, and the different scenarios we’re using during that coaching session, and then he gives you tools and frameworks to make you a better performer, a better leader, and a better team player. And I think those are all important in a coach, because one size does not fit all.”

Garrett Henke

Annissa Lynn

Alex has helped me so much since I first became a manager. She helped me have difficult conversations by providing me with better language to use with a member of my team who was not performing. At the beginning of the year, she gave me tools for me to use with each of my team members to develop goals. When I brought on new hires, she suggested a 180-day plan to refine the training that I had developed. She helped me develop confidence in myself and pushed me to own my role.

Bill Perkins

Bill Perkins

Safety Director, American Roofing & Metal Co.

I find Alex a pleasure to work with. She pays attention to details and walks me through solutions. Thanks to her,
I always leave our conversations with a different perspective of what is happening and what is needed.

Bill Perkins

Maxwell Baker

Assistant General Counsel, Alpha Residential

Most effective and practical training I’ve had in my career – keep it coming!

Bill Perkins

Kyle Misour

Henne Jewelers

Chris has been an incredible asset to me and the entire Henne team! More importantly, Chris has become a true friend over the past 2 years. His guidance has extended beyond work and has given me a new sense of confidence to pursue my personal and professional dreams.

Bill Perkins

Gregg Wallick

President & CEO, BEST Roofing

Chris’s one-on-one meetings with our six senior vice presidents have proved very beneficial in connecting our departments and improving overall company communications and performance. I also appreciate his ability to help me understand how to work more effectively with the “Generation Z” workforce.

Bill Perkins

Chris Faulkner

Douglass Colony Group

Shawn’s insight and thought process has helped me immensely over the months. I greatly appreciate the insight and helping me see better between black and white.

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