Our Core Values

Chris Flickinger’s Performance Mindset & Development Team is committed to the success and satisfaction of its clients by providing evidence-based research fueled by science and proven in practice. Our core values shape everything that we do.


If we say yes, we mean it. If we say no, you need to hear it. Our words are our bond. We tell hard truths. We’re not afraid to have difficult conversations. As your trusted advisor, we’ll never tell you what you want to hear but rather what you NEED to hear.

Be the Example

We strive for excellence, not only for ourselves but for our clients. That all starts with our belief that before we can lead others, we must lead ourselves. We must set high expectations. We must stand out. We must show what’s possible and we must live up to it.


We are not one size fits all. We know that every client is different and our programs are tailored and customized to fit your needs. We also have unique skill sets that allow us to adjust on the fly and respond to your in-the-moment needs to take you where you want and need to be.


Clients confidently select Chris Flickinger’s Performance Mindset & Development Team, knowing the solutions stem from evidence-based practices and procedures. This partnership means that we are fully invested in you, and vice versa. You will need to be engaged because WE WILL engage you.

Our Clients Are:

Driven and Ambitious – not Arrogant
Engaged and Involved – not Over Controlling
Honest and Open – not Resistant

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