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How Ditching The “I’ll Be Happy When…” Mindset Is Key for Stress Sanity

Valentine’s “Day” is All Wrong

Authored by: Jennifer Barnett Did you know that National Employee Appreciation Day is in March? If you’re anything like me, your eyes were rolling before you finished that sentence. “Another made-up Hallmark Day?” Maybe I’m too cynical, but my attitude about such days...

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“Quiet Promotion” and Why Silence is Scary When the Work Piles On

How to Hack into Root Problems

Authored By: Alex Neagoe If you think your dad was obsessed with the appearance of his front lawn, you clearly didn’t know mine. As a business owner of a mid-sized irrigation company, he spent many nights and weekends manicuring our grass. If we had lived in an HOA,...

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“The next level will require a better version of you.”

Chris Flickinger

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The next level will require a better version of you. And, Chris brings out the best in people. So, how can he help you increase your performance?

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Through his dynamic, personable and interactive style, Chris's easy action steps produce exceptional leaders, speakers and teams who inspire productivity and positive cultures.

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