Performance Delivery

Your solution is designed from start to finish using a proven 3-phase Performance Process that produces real impact with lasting results. 


PERFORMANCE DRIVERS – Setting up for Success

Prior to delivering your solution, we use precise data collection tools that provide incredible insight, depth and understanding of your business, people and goals. From detailed assessments to face-to-face interviews and pre-solution workshops, these unique Performance Drivers ensure your solution is set-up for success from the start.


PERFORMANCE DELIVERY – Delivering the Custom Solution

Chris’s dynamic coaching and development sessions produce high-performance leaders, teams and organizations. Emphasis is placed on immediate action-steps, skill development and practical application that is real and relevant to your business. And, your solution can be delivered in various formats: one-on-one sessions, small group engagements or large group events.


PERFORMANCE IMPACT – Ensuring it Sticks and Succeeds

Results need to be seen and growth needs to be on-going. To support this, we use Performance Impact tools during – and after – the solution that sustain and accelerate results. These include unique follow-up support systems, accountability measurements and integrative stakeholder sessions. You want sustained results and continued success, so we help make sure the skills and strategies “stick” long after Chris’s sessions are completed.

One-on-one sessions with select individuals who are seeking to develop, accelerate and advance their performance in a specialized area.
Customized performance development that produces exceptional teams, leaders, and speakers who will inspire productivity and positive culture. 

Chris speaks at events of all sizes and delivers a powerful message that relates, resonates and results in immediate action for your business.

Chris is in the outcomes business! So, coaching and training solutions are custom designed and delivered to meet your unique goals, schedule, and budget.


Every client is unique, every solution is customized and every project is built upon our Performance Foundation — three unique disciplines utilizing scientific research, first-hand experience and proven results within high performance organizations.

Performance Foundation

Advanced Behavioral Science

Take the guesswork out of leading, selling and connecting with others to get more effective results.


Achieve an uncanny ability to quickly “read” and adapt to people with unparalleled precision, so you can easily anticipate and connect to their interests, needs, challenges and expectations.

Positive Performance Psychology

Increase productivity, foster positive attitudes and combine these forces for exceptional results.


Decisively win the three most challenging battles every leader faces within themselves and when working with others: Hearts, Minds and Hands.

Persuasive Presentation Science

Deliver messages that WOW and WIN audiences by infusing elements of positive psychology, broadcast media and consultative selling strategies.


Design and deliver messages that motivate audiences and position yourself as a trusted communicator who can easily resonate and compel others to take action.

Grow yourself. Grow others. Grow the business.”

Chris Flickinger

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The next level will require a better version of you. And, Chris brings out the best in people. So, how can he help you increase your performance?

About Chris Flickinger

Through his dynamic, personable and interactive style, Chris's easy action steps produce exceptional leaders, speakers and teams who inspire productivity and positive cultures.

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