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Chris uses the proven and practical methods from three unique performance disciplines. These strategies, tactics and tools are based on extensive research, insights and action steps from scientific studies and first-hand results within high-performance organizations.

Strike a Pose! Your Team is Watching YOU

Authored By: Betsy Moore “Strike a poseStrike a pose(vogue, vogue, vogue)(vogue, vogue, vogue)...When all else fails and you long to beSomething better than you are today.”  - Madonna, Vogue (1990) Challenge: Anna Wintour, Vogue magazine’s editor-in-chief and one of...

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How Great Leaders Improv On and Off Stage

Authored by: Chris Flickinger co-Authored by: Betsy Moore High-quality work cannot get done without high-quality followers. Chris has said it before - “A leader must have followers and followers are not the same thing as prisoners!” (link back to Chris’ post). The...

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Connecting In Crisis

Challenge:  TRUE or FALSE: Connecting in a time of crisis requires messy vulnerability.  Listen in on a REAL client conversation with Chris as he explains the importance of connection in a crisis and how to troubleshoot common issues that may arise when working far...

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Back to the Future

Authored by: Chris Flickinger You and Marty McFly have something in common. Actually, it's a common problem. Yes, yes, I know he's a fictional character from the iconic movie Back to the Future, but you and he face the same perplexing challenge -- it's the "What if"...

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So, You’re Thinking About Giving Up?

Authored by: Chris Flickinger Challenge: The leaders I work with don't set-out to become "quitters." But, sometimes the situation they are facing certainly tempts them with the idea of giving-up. The circumstances vary: an economic down-turn, a loss of income,...

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Work Better Together

Authored By: Chris Flickinger "Work Better"... "Together"... what are you supposed to do with this? Look, if you're like most business leaders I work with, your most pressing challenge -- believe it or not -- is NOT that people are lazy, dis-engaged, unmotivated or...

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The Only ‘Must Have’ of Leadership

Authored By: Chris Flickinger Since leadership involves working with other people, personalities and types in various situations, it is complex, but leadership itself is not complicated. You don’t need to read a thousand publications or have a Ph.D. to be an effective...

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Superstars Can Suck!

Authored By: Chris Flickinger Superstars can suck the life – and success – out of a team! Granted, the raw talent, high-performance and results produced by superstars cannot be denied. but, there’s a catch! Actually, it’s more like a fumble because teams made-up of...

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